Installing Cloudboard on Ubuntu using Apache and mod-wsgi

  1. Install sqlite3, mod-wsgi and django on the server
  2. Create a directory for the cloudboard project. For the rest of this document, I'm assuming this is /usr/local/django/cloudboard
  3. Copy the cloudboard, template, and apache directories to /usr/local/django/cloudboard
  4. In /usr/local/django/cloudboard/apache/django.wsgi, set CLOUDBOARD_ROOT='/usr/local/django/cloudboard'
  5. In /usr/local/django/cloudboard/cloudboard/, set PROJECT_ROOT='/usr/local/django/cloudboard/'
  6. In /usr/local/django/cloudboard/templates/cloudboard/base.html, change to the address of the webserver (when we fix this, we will take out this instruction
  7. PROJECT_ROOT requires a trailing /, CLOUDBOARD_ROOT requires that there be no trailing /
  8. In /etc/apache2/sites-available/default, add the lines:
  9. restart apache and look at the root web page